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LFR+ represents the added value of marketing and promotions through a proven process.

Recognizing and understanding how an Artist can truly benefit from various services is key to ensuring a successful campaign in the American music industry.

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  • Our expert team will complete an analysis of your online presence to determine your core followers and areas for growth, providing you with a packet which includes unique content ideas, engagement opportunities, as well as current and potential YouTube influencers.
  • Design and launch of a YouTube and Instagram influencer campaign, including reaction videos, tutorials - all by social media starstagging your pages and linking back to you, gaining visibility with their thousands to millions of their subscribers.
  • Coordinate between booking agent (if applicable) and radio campaign to route the tour around most played stations. We’ll also use social media analytics to determine where the most active fans are and coordinate the PR efforts to offer on-air performances, giveaways and interviews.
  • Build and execute an advertising campaign on social media to promote the record.
  • Seek out and coordinate brand partnerships for cross-promotion purposes: As the artist’s brand grows, we’ll want to seek out brands that serve a similar demographics.




An opportunity to collaborate with Floyd Timeless Thomas on a single that will showcase the edge and identity of the Artist. A combination that strikes true balance for a successful campaign. This service includes:

  • Beat production
  • Musical composition & arrangement
  • Vocal direction
  • Added instrumentation - String & Horn Section, Guitarist, Vocals, Percussions etc.
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Track revisions
  • Recording and Tracking (optional) - Head of Artist Development “Jingles” will be present in person to – Set up, transfer and facilitate recording sessions anywhere in the world on behalf of Producer Floyd “Timeless” Thomas, ensuring a clear direction between Producer and Artist to achieve optimum delivery of the single.



  • Getting Started: Creation of your digital press kit for representation to journalists, bloggers, and other media partners.
  • Getting Press: Each pitch is hand-crafted and sent to journalists we know and trust. There is no “one size fits all” and no mass-email blasts. Our media connections appreciate us for sending them relevant, interesting stories and it is this strategy that leads to brand recognition, in both print and online publications.
  • Brand Building: As part of building your artist brand, our press campaigns include focus on your interests, activities and affiliated causes outside of music. We make every effort to showcase what makes you unique and interesting, in order to connect with fans on a deeper level than simply appreciating the music.
  • Tour Press: Whenever you play a show locally or go on tour, we emphasize setting up interviews and features in local press outlets, as well as getting journalists to physically come and review your show. These efforts coincide with the strategies to strengthen the relationships with existing fans, as well as solidify relationships with new ones.


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* minimum campaign period of 3 months



  • You’ll get to work directly with your own Social Media Manager.
  • Manage daily updates on Facebook and Instagram to drive an increase in numbers by utilizing content and call-to-action techniques. This will include complete management of your Facebook and Instagram pages, alongside analytics analysis and reporting, to encourage follower and engagement growth.
  • Focus on targeting demographics from similar-sounding and like-minded musicians. We also emphasize similarities in current trends and popular culture. We’ll work on creating viral tools that encourages frequent user hits and fan participation.
  • Offer demos, acoustic tracks or other exclusive content on social media first, to further increase followers/fans. Creating appealing and dynamic package will expand your fan base and deepen your connection with existing fans.


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* minimum campaign period of 3 months




The American Billboard Charts, the standard of the American Music Industry.

Billboard has the power to differentiate stand out artist from the millions through its BDS (NIELSEN BROADCAST DATA SYSTEMS) and MediaBase (Indicator and Panel) reporting stations which are the primary contributors to the charting process.

Billboard has now incorporated on-demand (Spotify, Apple Music) streaming data into the Billboard Hot 100 Music Charts. The combination of Streaming and Radio allows you to expand your listener base and reach your target market globally.


“Billboard and Nielsen, through our Indicator charts, provide a platform for radio stations in smaller markets to present the songs that are resonating with their listeners. In turn, artists and songs that are faring well on those stations, especially those on independent labels, have a home on which they can appear alongside more established acts and industry superstars as well as A List artists.”

- Jim Asker -
(Chart Manager for Billboard)


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* minimum campaign period of 3 months